Fontana Timau upscale to 180 kW

Fontana Timau farm has enjoyed a 120 kW solar system since spring 2020. Due to an increase of the electrical load, the system can already be expanded with another 50% to 180 kW. Due to the high altitude, clear skies…

Fontana Mau Narok 60 kWp

As part of the larger project to install 1 MWp for Fontana farms, this 60 kWp solar ground mounted system equipped with JASolar mono crystalline solar modules and fronius grid inverters was installed at the Mau Narok farm.

A different perspective on quality installation

Greenspark recently refurbished an existing solar installation, installed by another solar company. The following pictures (old and new) show a different perspective on how a quality installation should look like. From old…. To new… New roof sheets also help!

The last phase of the Fontana project : installation of 132 kWp roof system

Despite the current crisis in the world, Greenspark and Fontana teams have pushed forward in realising the 850 kWp system for Fontana farms. The team has started with the last system of 132 kWp, which is to be mounted on…

Another Fontana solar system live!

The latest of in total 11 solar systems for Fontana farms has been commissioned. The 80 kW system consists of 4 Fronius Symo 20 inverters and 320 JASolar solar modules, cutting off at least 30% of the monthly KPLC energy…

Another 180 kWp system commissioned

Our installation team has just commissioned another 180 kWp system for a flower farm in Timau. The farm is expecting to save typically 30% on their energy costs for the coming 25 years.

Fronius online monitoring

The Austrian solar inverter manufacturer Fronius offers a sophisticated monitoring platform with real-time and historic data of power consumption of the client and solar power production. Fontana, with four flower farms in Nakuru and Timau, use the insight provided by…

1 MWp Fontana solar installation starts

Greenspark started the installation of in total 1 MWp of solar systems for the four Fontana farms near Njoro, Nakuru and in Timau. The installations are expected to save 30% of the KPLC electricity bills. Quality is ensured by using…

Greenspark supplies and installs a 138 kWp solar system for a rose farm

This 138 kWp system for a farm was equipped with sub-standard inverters and solar modules. Greenspark was requested to replace the underperforming inverters with Fronius high-quality inverters – with an expected lifetime of 20 years and new JASolar solar modules.

Fronius renews Greenspark Training Certificates

Greenspark’s Chief Engineer and Technical Team Leader have renewed the Fronius Training Certificates through a two-day intensive service training. These training certificates ensure optimal service levels to our customers and are crucial to retaining the Fronius Partner Plus Accreditation.