About Greenspark (K) Ltd

About Greenspark (K) Ltd

Greenspark is an engineering company specialised in solar applications for the commercial sector, large scale farming, industry, NGO’s, for remote locations, etc.

Greenspark’s experience
Over the years, Greenspark has gained extensive experience in EPC projects:

  • engineering;
  • supply and installation of solar water pumping installations;
  • in solar power generation for self-consumption for farms;
  • standalone off-grid systems for remote locations without access to electricity network. These systems can be grid connected, possibly with diesel generator backup without grid feeding, or completely standalone.

Energy Management Systems
To ensure stability of company electricity grids, an energy management system is mostly part of the configuration. This also offers real-time insight in the power generation and power consumption on commercial premises. This information is crucial to make informed decisions to implement energy saving measures.

Example projects

  • 24 kWp standalone solar system with battery bank and generator backup in South Sudan;
  • 100 grid connected solar systems of 2 kWp each, Netherlands;
  • 3 turnkey water pumping systems, 9 kWp each, pumping up to 150 m3/day, Mauritania;
  • 80 kWp grid connected hybrid solar system for own consumption for farm, Kenya;
  • 14 standalone solar installations throughout South Sudan each average 2 kWp;
  • feasibility study on 1 MWp hybrid solar system for a dairy farm, Zimbabwe.

Professional background Greenspark
Greenspark BV was established in Netherlands in 2009 and is operational in Kenya since 2010. Greenspark (K) LTD has been established in 2014. Engineers of Greenspark are trained in SMA Hybrid solution and Fronius Inverter Technology. Moreover, Greenspark is Sales/Service partner for Lorentz pumping solutions.

Greenspark partners with Independent Energy in the Netherlands.