On-grid and backup application with Lithium Ion storage

Our high-tech SolaX solar hybrid system with Pylontech lithium-ion energy storage has been installed in a private residence near Naivasha. The system is connected on-grid and has solid backup capabilities.

The big advantage of lithium-ion (or LIFEPO4 technology) is that 80% of the storage capacity can be safely used, while the number of cycles is exceeding 6000 cycles (@80% depth of discharge). Lead acid batteries storage capacity generally cannot exceed 50%, while the number of cycles is limited to 2500 (25% depth of discharge).

Additionally, lithium-ion batteries can be used in a wide temperature range (up to 50 degrees C) while the performance is not negatively affected.  The pylontech battery solution comes in a handsome cabinet, the ‘powercube’ that hides all wiring-interconnections.