Agro/industrial solar systems

Solar power enables companies to become less dependent on ever-increasing utility prices. Solar can power any three phase load in farms, factories and the like, including irrigation pumps, cold stores, bottle molding machines, etc. In these cases the solar offsets grid electricity, realising direct savings on the utility bill. Solar power can feed in directly into the company grid.

The optional energy management system ensures:

  • stability of the electrical company grid;
  • prevention of feeding back solar power into the national grid;
  • optimal integration of backup generators into company grid;
  • online and real-time insight into solar energy production.

With the current turn-key installation prices and KPLC unit price, an industrial-scale solar system may prove to have a simple payback of 3 to 4 years. With the guaranteed warranty on solar modules of 30 years (!) this means >25 years of free energy!

The following companies benefit from up to 30% savings on their electricity bill: 

Fontana 1 MWp under contruction: 4 farms will be equipped with ground mounted solar

138 kWp solar system for Fontana rose farm in Njoro, Nakuru

185 kWp solar system saving 30% on electricity cost for a rose farm in Naivasha

23 kWp for warehouse and offices in Nairobi

60 kWp solar system for farm, foodprocessing, Timau

48 kWp solar system for farm, Juja

23 kWp solar system for office complex, Nairobi

83 kWp solar system for office complex, Wilson Airport, Nairobi

40 kWp solar system for rose farm, Naivasha

505 kWp grid connected solar system for a large warehouse, Tatu City

80 kWp free standing solar system for Kisima rose farm, Timau



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